Ways to Block Adult Sites from Kids

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Children are becoming techno savvy these days and they all surf net. Spending a lot of hours on internet has become a part of daily routine. Well doing this they might willingly or unwillingly get to a site which they should not see , here i am talking about adult sites or porn content.

Well to avoid this there can be some simple and effective ways to track such activities by kids and block these.

1. Check this web history

You can check the web browser history by just pressing CTRL + H in the web browser. It will show the every web page accessed during a specific time period. You can note those sites and block them in the internet settings in control panel.


2. Browser Privacy settings

You can add all those sites which you dont want you kid to see or visit , in the privacy settings of the web browser. It is in  in TOOLs->OPTIONS->PRIVACY settings.


3. Turn on Safe search

You can set google safe search to Strict or moderated so that google does not list adult content in the search results or images.


4. Youtube Safety mode

You can turn on youtube safety mode to block videos that you dont want your kid to see.


5. More safety measures 

There are some site blocking programs (NetNanny for example) that monitor your kid’s activity on the computer and will automatically restrict them from visiting sites that aren’t meant for them.


Further more you can see this video to see more instructions on how to avoid kids from seeing porn content online.


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