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If you are a internet lover and find most of your entertainment stuff on facebook, youtube or anyother site. Then you must watch these shows by Yashraj flims (Yflims) on youtube.

Man’s World – A Y-Films Original Series

man's world yflims series

What if the world is flipped and gender-roles are reversed? Means all men become women and vice versa. Can you image such a world ? a men living the life of women and facing daily life challenges. Man’s world is a fantastic series that you should watch to see how difficult life a women lives. The series greatly focuses on avoiding gender discrimination and to treat both men and women as equal. The series has 4 episodes and each one is better than the other. Some of Bollywood celebrities has acted in the series which makes it even more effective in spreading the message.

Bang Baaja Baaraat – A Y-Films Original Series

Bang Baaja Baaraat - A Y-Films Original Series


Bang Baaja Baaraat is a story of a couple in a relationship who decides to get married but not without their parents permissions. So they both bring theirs families in to get married. Now what’s new in this? so here is the story, both the families are from different backgrounds and have nothing in common. One from a typical Kanpur background where the family is still stick to the old rituals and want the wedding to be as close as it can be to their culture. The other family is slightly advanced where both parents are separated and have theirs different interests. When all these people come together for the marriage then real drama happens.
Its a must watch series, so far season one has completed and I am waiting for the season 2 to get started.

Yashraj flims youtube are aiming for the new revolution for the entertainment industry in india, currently targeting only people connected to the interest and hence shown only on youtube. You can watch both the amazing shows on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCmukDjK6jB61QCCe0lCTvA

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