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A man shows balloons in the colours of the Indian flag to his child at a market during India's Independence Day celebrations in Chandigarh
Major Problems in India
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best dating sites in india
Best dating sites in india
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best toothpaste
The Best Toothpaste
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best political party in india
Best political party in india
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Is banning 500 rs and 1000 rs currency notes is good move by modi government

Created by in Politics

73 Views 3 Votes

Hey guys to I am writing about a hottest news in India. The new is not "Hillary clinton vs Donald trump" but Modi government banning Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes in India. Lets see pros and cons of this historic step taken by the Indian government. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author

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most popular politician in india

Most Popular politician in India

Created by in Politics

3160 Views 335 Votes

India is a very big country with a great number of people living in it. In such a big democratic country only a few politicians have been able to leave their impression on people. But politicians have gained a fair amount of popularity in india. Let see who is the most popular politician in india.

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time pass

What Is Your Favourite Time Pass

Created by in Favorites

3245 Views 25 Votes

Hey friends, if you have landed on this post I would consider that you are getting bored and looking out for time pass option. Here we are trying to list what are the most common time pass things that people do when they are free or getting bored.The meaningtime pass is completely different people. For eg people in the spare time would like sleep, there are people who might want to consider washing their bike or try to make things are broken

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AR Rehman best singer in bollywood

Best Singer In Bollywood

Created by in Music

2529 Views 346 Votes

Hey guys, I am back with one of the polls that we had created long ago but this didn't had singers who recently became famous and gained a permanent position in Bollywood's music.We are trying to list singer male/female old or new to the list from India who has ruled your hearts for ages. Lets try to find out who tops this list of best singer in Bollywood.

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most romantic movie of bollywood

Most romantic movie of bollywood

Created by in Movies

1743 Views 45 Votes

Love is in the air, for those who love. So here is list of a must watch romanticbollywood movies lovers. A list of most romantic movies of all times in bollywood. There has been a lot of movies that touches our life and the list could behuge but I am going to try to short the list of movies that I have seen. Lets seehow many of you agree with this list.

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Best Romantic Movies

Most Romantic Movies of Hollywood

Created by in Movies

2467 Views 70 Votes

People who want to see romance and love in a movie that has comedy and every other aspect that can bring love alive in their life then this polls is a must read. These movies can be a uplift to ones dying relationships. In this poll we are going to publish some of the most romantic movies of hollywoodof all times that can perhaps be a good time pass when you alone or with your loved ones.

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Best new year resolutions

Created by in Entertainment

1206 Views 25 Votes

With new hopes and thoughts we are just about to enter into the new year. Its interesting that every year we take oaths on different things. Here we discuss today what are the most common resolutions that people take around the world.

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whats your new year resolution

Whats your New Year Resolution

Created by in Entertainment

875 Views 9 Votes

Celebration for new year is coming close.

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most common addictions

Most common addictions

Created by in Education

489 Views 5 Votes

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about most common addictions in modern human now a days. Today people have different and sometimes very strange addictions although I believe the strange once are just for show off really as people want to get attention by showing some distinct hobbies. But here in this list we are only trying to find the most common once by voting them.A general advise, please don't be addict to anything, as it can b

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The 6 Marvel Movies With Bad-Ass Costumes

Created by in Entertainment

551 Views 0 Votes

These costumes are so damn cool! Nuff said... Just read this list and get to know what we're talking about.

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