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Best Indian city to live

Created by in Places

1845 Views 34 Votes

Hey friends, today I am going to write this post for those who are planning to move into an Indian city for living either from outside of India or those of are already living in India but want to move out of their current city. In this post, we will try to list out the best of Indian cities based on following criteria, Climate Infrastructure Places to hangout People, Culture and language Jobs But before you move ahead with

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Best Celebrity Tattoo

Created by in Entertainment

1906 Views 7 Votes

A trend of having tattoos on body is so popular not only among people but also among celebrities. Celebrities from Hollywood and following this a lot, so here is a list of celebrities with their tattoos on their bodies, vote the best tattoo. Here is a good article on best of Mehndi (so called Indian version of tattoos) designs that one can choose to have on themhttps://www.piercingmodels.com/simple-arabic-mehndi-designs/

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Best Programming Language

Created by in Technology

1734 Views 17 Votes

In computer technology there are several computer programming languages available to make desktop and web applications but not all of the are assumed to be the best in all situations. Lets check out which is most popular and most used programming language for web and desktop application development.

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Best CM in india

Created by in Politics

15451 Views 1238 Votes

Here is very interesting poll on Indian politics. Today Indian politics has reached a stage where everyone whether a child, young, old or man and women are taking interest. India has many state which has produced many Chief Ministers, this contest tries to find out the best chief minister of India of any state, one of these CMs can be the next PM of india.

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Best news anchor in India

Created by in Business

3480 Views 179 Votes

Electronic media has so much impact on society today. People choose their best news channel to hear the latest news and people also like to hear their favourite news anchor also. So today we are going to list the most viewed/listened news anchors from different media houses and news channels to find the most followed or love one.

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Best job sites in India

Created by in Business

5350 Views 54 Votes

Hey visitor, considering the fact that you have visited this page so we assume that you are probably looking to a job change. Now which job site can find the best jobs that suites your profile. These days job searching has become a simple task because of job searching websites. There are numerous websites available in India that helps the job seekers in finding various jobs. You may get confuse which website you should follow. Every website is

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Best State in India

Created by in History

6172 Views 111 Votes

This post is about choosing the best state in India based on living standards and availability of resources. India is the seventh largest (area wise) country in the world with 28 states and 7 union territories. Here is the list of Indian states and lets see which is the most popular, and best state in terms of growth, tax paying, people's safety, tourism and employment, ease of doing business. Vote for the best state in the country.

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Best online shopping site in India

Created by in Shopping

2893 Views 27 Votes

Hey guys here we come with a list on a hot topic ie Online Shopping. Online sopping has become a trend in India today and there are many e-commerce sites sell products online. Majority of the sites are marketplaces which allow small or mid size sellers to list their products to these marketplaces and allow millions of online users to buy their products. In India there are many sites dealing in different type of products, so its very difficult to

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Is banning 500 rs and 1000 rs currency notes is good move by modi government

Created by in Politics

995 Views 4 Votes

Hey guys to I am writing about a hottest news in India. The new is not "Hillary clinton vs Donald trump" but Modi government banning Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes in India. Lets see pros and cons of this historic step taken by the Indian government. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author

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Most Popular politician in India

Created by in Politics

4323 Views 346 Votes

India is a very big country with a great number of people living in it. In such a big democratic country only a few politicians have been able to leave their impression on people. But politicians have gained a fair amount of popularity in india. Let see who is the most popular politician in india.

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