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Best Romantic Movies

Most Romantic Movies of Hollywood

Created by in Movies

2297 Views 69 Votes

People who want to see romance and love in a movie that has comedy and every other aspect that can bring love alive in their life then this polls is a must read. These movies can be a uplift to ones dying relationships. In this poll we are going to publish some of the most romantic movies of hollywoodof all times that can perhaps be a good time pass when you alone or with your loved ones.

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Best new year resolutions

Created by in Entertainment

1095 Views 24 Votes

With new hopes and thoughts we are just about to enter into the new year. Its interesting that every year we take oaths on different things. Here we discuss today what are the most common resolutions that people take around the world.

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whats your new year resolution

Whats your New Year Resolution

Created by in Entertainment

750 Views 9 Votes

Celebration for new year is coming close.

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most common addictions

Most common addictions

Created by in Education

374 Views 5 Votes

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about most common addictions in modern human now a days. Today people have different and sometimes very strange addictions although I believe the strange once are just for show off really as people want to get attention by showing some distinct hobbies. But here in this list we are only trying to find the most common once by voting them.A general advise, please don't be addict to anything, as it can b

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The 6 Marvel Movies With Bad-Ass Costumes

Created by in Entertainment

440 Views 0 Votes

These costumes are so damn cool! Nuff said... Just read this list and get to know what we're talking about.

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The 7 Superhero Flicks With Hideous Costumes

Created by in Entertainment

432 Views 0 Votes

It's hard not to admire superheroes. But if you're looking at one wearing any of these costumes in movies, then you might have to think twice again... Read on as we are going to tackle the 7 Superhero Flicks With Hideous Costumes in this list.

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The Top 10 Sylvester Stallone Performances In Movies

Created by in Entertainment

261 Views 0 Votes

Sly is fly! That's why we can't stop admiring this guy... Get to know the 10 Sylvester Stallone Performances In Movies as you continue reading this list... Enjoy!

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The 5 Best Films Of Steven Spielberg

Created by in Entertainment

413 Views 0 Votes

The name of Steven Spielberg is synonymous to film-making success. Let us look into this list and get to know why is considered as one of the top directors in Hollywood today.

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The Top 5 Movies Featuring Dim-Witted Aliens

Created by in Entertainment

355 Views 0 Votes

You thought aliens were highly advanced? Then how come we were able to annihilate them in these movies? Well, just wait and see this list and probably you'd look never look at them the same way again...

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The 10 Best Movies For Sneakerheads

Created by in Entertainment

269 Views 0 Votes

Sneaker culture is popular nowadays. And we owe it to some of these films who made sneaker fashion a mainstream movement. Get to these movies as we are going to tackle the 10 Best Movies For Sneakerheads in this list.

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